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About Us

Each house is very well maintained - we repaint all rooms where needed each summer, ensuring that when the previous tenants move out and remove posters etc, the blutak stains are not an issue. It also means that the tenants don't have to worry about small marks on walls etc in respect of their bond (so long as the Blu tack itself is removed). We don't mind a small stain as we're painting the wall anyway. 


Each of the houses are spread over 4 floors with the lounge and dining kitchens on the bottom floor, and the the bedrooms on the 3 floors above. Prior to summer 2016, one of the houses had the lounge and kitchen on the raised ground floor with 2 bedrooms in the basement, but tenants realised that those in the basement bedrooms had to endure the noise of housemates in the lounge or kitchen above, especially if they wanted an early night and others didn't. Also most tenants don't fancy a basement room from a privacy view point. So in summer 2016 we swapped the bedrooms with the kitchen and lounge in that house, so that all our houses are now the same, with the communal space on the lowest floor.

All houses have a large fully fitted dining kitchen, with space for a large, dining table that's large enough to seat all tenants. The tables are the rustic type that look better with age and are waxed each year, so no problem with your bond if there are a few signs of student life on the table after your 12 months. The wall units have the hidden lights that shine down on the work tops, and sliver splash-backs behind the cooker, with silver chimney extractor fans.

All houses have a dishwasher, washing machine, tumble dryer, microwave, and 3 fridges and at least 2 freezers. Lounges have 3 sofa's, 2 lamps, coffee table, large wall mounted TV (min 40 inches). 

Each bedroom has a either a double bed (4 feet 6 inches wide) or a three quarter bed (4 feet), Ikea wardrobe, desk, chair, chest of drawers, and two shelves. All bedrooms have oak effect laminate wood floors, which is great for keeping clean and for a modern feel.

Each bathroom has modern showers and sinks, and a large mirror with a strip of 5 lightbulbs above the mirror. The video on this page of a kitchen is of our smallest kitchen (due to me only remembering to take a video when in that house) but gives an idea of the style as all kitchens are similar. 

Our houses have all the necessary certificates:


  • HMO (House in Multiple Occupation) license from Leeds City council confirming they have authorised the house to be let to the number of tenants in each house

  • Annual gas safe certificate 

  • 5 yearly inspection report on the electrical wiring

  •  annual portable appliance tests (PATS) on the electrical items we supply (eg) TV, washing machine  

  • Annual service of the integrated fire alarm

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